The Cafe Today

treating customers with respect

Service is standardized from all kitchen and bar recipes as to how items should be
presented and served on the tables.


The café has a strong customer base of loyal repeat patrons taking pleasure in the products and the ambience of “feeling at home”. They belong to the segment of educated and socially established persons that can afford to spend and appreciate better service. The age group can be defined from 30-55years. New customers emerge by the word of mouth, the strategic location of the café and from marketing efforts based on business clientele. It is of great importance to Chocolate Soup Café to treat the customer with respect and offer personalized service.


Service is standardized from all kitchen and bar recipes as to how items should be presented and served on the tables. A complete manual acts as introduction and training material and is a base for evaluation of employee performance. Chocolate Soup Café places large emphasis on the personality of the service; that the customer’s preferences should be remembered and a friendly but professional service is carried out.

As all products are based on quality the procedure of the service is light paced and all customers are served bottled water and chocolate before the order is taken to the table. Full service is applicable for all items and waiters have station responsibilities to ensure all modules of service are carried out at all times. The service followed by quality products should be the key to leading competition.


Supplier selection is made with care in order to ensure a high quality product and standard of delivery and storage. Stock levels are kept to a minimum to maintain fresh products and low cost inventory, putting a demand on suppliers to be flexible and offer good support. Production is calculated to avoid waste and all end products are created from standard recipes in order to always give the customer the same experience.

The menu includes a wide range of items as from breakfast, salads, sandwiches, grilled dishes, desserts, hot and cold beverage including full alcoholic selection. One of the aims of Chocolate Soup Café is to differentiate from the market and to offer the customer a diverse range of the main product, Chocolate. Chocolate is in focus in all desserts, beverages and also introduced in new inventive ways together with food items. The name Chocolate Soup Café, the interior and menu should inspire and make the customers desire Chocolate!


As part of a successful business the human factor is of great essence. The employees are to carry and complement the rest of the physical attributes of the establishment. Attitude is just as important as the right background and education to be able to perform the duties delegated to perfection. Each and every employee is to take pride in their job and to make it a profession, being a good-will ambassador under any circumstances for the establishment.

The selection of employees is based on previous experience and likeliness to adapt to the company’s’ culture and ability to promote the best interest of the establishment. It is the responsibility of the management to assure that proper introduction and training is delivered and that evaluation is made on a regular basis. Evaluation is the basis of determining training needs and to constantly strive to improve or terminate less productive elements.

An essential trait that all employees should possess is respect for their colleagues, the establishment and the customer. When a mutual respect is created Chocolate Soup Café believes in an open-door management where any support, professional or personal is accessible.