Our Story

Who we are

Enjoy the morning coffee and croissant, a wide range of lunches and afternoon
relaxation with homemade chocolate truffles.


The creator of the concept is a well known entrepreneur with broad visions and investment potential. With his experience based on several previous business concepts with a secure capital background and success came the aim of branching out to a new venture. The choice of the hospitality and food & beverage service is founded on Market trends and needs, as it is an ever growing business. The initiator sought a niche market within the existing market and built up the concept “Chocolate Soup Café”.

Thought of the concept

After thorough research and analysis of the Market it was found that a lack of specialization was apparent. The choice of focusing on Chocolate was not far-fetched as it is a well known and scientifically stated fact that human beings at all different levels, desire chocolate and that is has certain beneficial traits in addition to the cosy and lavish feeling.

The thought was to create an atmosphere and surrounding that makes any customer entering the café think about and desire chocolate products. This being inspired by a sumptuous food, dessert and drinks menu, displays and chocolate influences in strategic areas. The aim is to create different and innovative products consisting of chocolate, to establish a reputation and a need for the customers. Chocolate Soup Café should be on the minds of a customer wanting a different style and flavor in the afternoon, desserts or after dinner simply for an excellent cup of coffee or chocolate of their preference.

Development of the concept

A competitive analysis was made in terms of products, pricing, location and customer base and a domestic and international search was made to find the most intriguing products to offer the customers and differentiate from the already existing competition. According to the local market there was a requirement to add some traditional food and coffee products to the menu that are well known and in people’s daily vocabulary and make it easy to comprehend.

An interior designer of high reputation was enrolled and worked closely with the initiators and a construction company to complete the settings and operational needs. Towards the final stages of construction the manager, chef and head barman were involved in the process to place the finishing touches of operational perfection.

Choice of Location

The location is of eminent value for an establishment of this kind where competition is close and the strife for the Market share is fierce. The location for the pilot shop of Chocolate Soup Café was to be in the “hot spot” of town where it is surrounded by business centers and shops in a busy main road. Due to the selection of colour scheme the establishment is visual from a distance and is the topic of talk. The local market’s demands have to be highly considered for the choice of location in terms of parking and other conveniences.